Our experience, research and expertise make us unparalleled experts on low carbon issues. We offer our clients and funding partners credibility as an independent authority.


Our focus on three areas which are key sources to attain the transition of a low carbon economy:


Energy efficiency is one of the most effective low cost ways of reducing carbon emissions. We aim to dramatically improve the carbon and energy efficiencies of national economies and businesses.

Innovation in new technologies, strategies and ideas are critical to meet emissions targets effectively. Our pursuit of innovation will also significantly reduce the cost of the transition to

a low carbon economy.

Consumer demand is the ultimate effective driver of global emissions. Our work aims to unlock demand for low carbon products and services.


1. Energy Technology Consulting

Energy technology address key challenges in the energy sector, including the demand for clean energy, the decline in oil and gas reserves and the drive for cost reduction. NVICO works with energy leaders to create sustainable growth from investment in energy technology.

Our consulting include:

> Enabling the business to meet its core objectives through cost-effective and efficient energy systems – We help senior managers to develop the IT capabilities, the organization need to be fit for the future includes developing IT strategy, driving IT-enabled business change and identifying the right IT sourcing solutions

> Improving operations and reducing costs through effective energy technology – We exploit operations technology such as Geographic information system to help companies reduce costs, increase production and improve health and safety

> Exploiting data to support better business decisions – We improve the reliability and efficiency of energy utility assets through integrated operations techniques by creating intelligence gained from data aggregation, good governance, modeling and analysis

> Security mission and Safety critical industrial control systems – We help organizations understand the security threat, improve and maintain their security and ensure they are prepared and able to respond effectively to security incidents

> Capitalizing on technology innovation and management – We combine our Research and energy sector experience to drive innovation and develop energy technology. We work across the energy sectors by helping take new products to market and streamlining production processes to reduce costs.

2. Energy Efficiency & Carbon Management

Techniques for improving energy efficiency at the enterprise level are constantly expanding, from installing LED street and area lighting to the installation of renewable energy equipment. The benefits are real, and the costs do not need to be a barrier.

NVICO comprehensive energy services specialists can navigate customers through the financing and implementation of customized energy efficiency projects, as well as the operation and maintenance of new equipment, tapping the potential of energy conservation to generate cost savings. NVICO finds budget-neutral solutions that put the energy-efficient upgrades customers need within financial constrain.

Whether it is earning an ENERGY STAR for a building or plant's energy efficiency, receiving Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) certification or simply improving the bottom line through cost savings, NVICO can identify capital projects and operational modifications that can quickly reduce energy consumption and costs. As one of the largest independent energy efficiency companies and energy services providers, NVICO has the breadth and depth of technical expertise to objectively develop the energy management project that is best to each customer.


Carbon management is the use of technology to improve the energy performance of an organization. To be fully effective it needs to be an integral part of an organization's wider management processes - and any corporate social responsibility policy.

The management of carbon is often neglected, even though there is considerable potential to save energy and reduce costs. Rising energy prices, climate change legislation and the need to be environmentally responsible all require effective carbon management. Successful carbon management include:

> Senior management commitment - Without the support of senior managers, carbon management will falter and be marginalized. Senior managers need to be convinced of the business case for investing funds and staff time in managing energy.

> Energy policy - A written statement of senior management's commitment to managing energy and its environmental impacts. Often it forms part of a wider corporate social responsibility policy. For large organizations an energy policy should be no more than two pages long; a few paragraphs may be sufficient for smaller organizations.

> Energy strategy - A working document setting out how energy will be managed in an organization. It should contain an action plan of tasks, which will initially involve understanding the organization's current position and establishing the management framework. As the processes are established, the tasks should address the identification and implementation of specific energy saving projects.

A complete and effective energy strategy will address the following aspects:

          - Organizing roles and responsibilities and ensuring there are sufficient resources  available.

          - Compliance with energy and climate change regulations is required of businesses and the public sector.

          - Investment in projects will be needed to take full advantage of cost-effective energy efficiency opportunities.

          - Procurement of buildings, equipment and services should take due account of the implications for energy efficiency and energy related costs.


3. Energy, Environment & Economy Planning

NVICO's research scope keeps us abreast of international and local industry standards. We help clients in developing a clear and practical direction to meet their energy and carbon challenges. Our high-level thinking rests on relevant, real-world expertise in environmental modeling, financial modeling, energy, infrastructure and more.

Too often, specialists consider energy from one standpoint only. NVICO takes a different approach. We join up technical, commercial, planning and policy expertise to help clients make informed plans and take decisive actions, also to improve performance through energy and carbon management.

Our global energy skills equip us to take energy strategies from concept to realization. But we stay attuned to the specific goals and constraints of each client to achieve tangible value, also we bring accuracy to targets and plans. With energy audits, consumption studies or carbon footprints, we set highly precise baselines so that clients can establish defined goals, examine feasibility and track progress.

We empower clients to move from strategy to action. Using our tested skills, which span renewable and distributed energy as well as building retrofit, we design and implement pro-gramme that are technically and commercially sound. We assist public and private sector clients, to find better ways to secure dependable, affordable, low-carbon energy, or to use it more efficiently.

4. Sustainable Architecture

The philosophy of sustainability at NVICO is a philosophy of integrated architecture in which beauty, energy efficiency and environmental responsiveness are equally calibrated. We consciously developed attitudes to structure, technique, skin, ventilation, and materials with a focus on permanence and enduring value as signature criteria for sustainable, green design. Our vision is that people will feel healthy, inspired, and energized in our buildings, and be able to, over time, re-inhabit, re-invent, and re-imagine the existing structure.

Our philosophy of sustainability is rooted in a commitment to enriching the fabric of our cities and creating supportive, flexible platforms on which NVICO can thrive long term. Ultimately, we believe the greatest investment of sustainable design is for the future health, vitality of the human experience.

We focus to create a benchmark in large-scale, energy efficient architecture as well as in NVICO evolution to the next generation of passive energy performance design, also we currently focus on private residence which will be a showcase for elegant, sustainable and affordable green building.

To negotiate the increasingly complex nature of the contemporary building industry and aspirations for architectural excellence, innovation, sustainable design, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness, the firm has evolved its commitments in collaboration to engage in more formal integrated design processes.

5. Technology Research

At NVICO we always approach on research in energy technology, with a reputed excellence knowledge across a broad range of technologies encompassing wind, solar, bioengineering, fossil energy, energy storage, the green built environment and electrical grids in creating better future sustainable environment worldwide.

The research is stimulating innovation, resulting in licensing and spin-off activity through collaborations with academic and industry, also we build a network wherever we operate worldwide, connecting our researchers with academic and industrial partners and aligning our thinking with each country’s research priorities. In this way, we share the potential and benefit of research strategy, new knowledge and best practice.

Our creative outlook helps us to address complex challenges head on, and devise optimal solutions for projects. But we believe that innovation must also connect with strategic business thinking, so that our new ideas are relevant to the current and future needs of our clients and society as a whole.

NVICO delivers outcome-focused research as well as practical services in strategic research planning. We do this in response to our clients’ challenges, in partnerships with businesses and in collaborations with academic, industry and government research bodies around the globe.



6. Project Management

Because organizational change is generated through projects, capable project and pro-gramme management are key to ongoing success. NVICO delivers capital expenditure portfolios of projects with a focus on business outcomes, not just finishing the job.

Of course, delivering projects on time, on budget and to brief is vital. NVICO goes further, taking a creative approach to project and pro-gramme management that often generates innovative solutions.

Our project managers are effectively around NVICO’s network, connected by a global knowledge management system, together we generate and share up-to-the-minute thinking, skills and best practice.

Wherever NVICO works, we bring relevant responses to local challenges, also we are equally equipped to fulfill multinational companies requirements with consistency in delivering services.

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and reliability, which makes us trusted advisors to clients. In this role, we link strategic, pro-gramme and project advice to achieve business goals and lasting change. Whether in long-term partnerships or for one-off projects, we seek to understand an organizations aspirations so that we can find imaginative solutions that deliver what they need. Our project managers create and lead carefully-crafted project teams – bringing focus, assurance, efficiency and creativity. Project success means different things to each client, varies from value capital, cost out turn, timely delivery, whole-life cost to value for money or your reputation. However you define success, we will match our focus to yours to ensure the risks that matter most to you are known and mitigated.

7. Internet of Things

The Internet of Things starts with your things, the things that matters most to optimize business processes. NVICO solutions for the Internet of Things provide everything you need to generate data-driven intelligence from connected things, people and devices. Connect your business with the new generation of Internet-enabled devices in the cloud, transform your existing business processes and re-imagine your business and customer experience.

NVICO is working with you to design and deliver a new wave of intelligent products. We use our industry-specific expertise and partnerships in software, electronics, mechanical engineering and Product Life cycle Management to reduce total cost of ownership for new, re-designed and enhanced products and to reduce time-to-market while ensuring quality.

Our focus include:

> Engineering and manufacturing process: We bring together capabilities in Engineering, Automation and Information Technology to create solutions that enable seamless integration of processes in the plant and any field environment.

> Integrated products: We help to develop products that have a growing level of intelligence, these products communicate with other devices, plant floor systems and with Information Technology platforms.

> Intelligent connected infrastructure: We weave together a seamless infotainment experience so consumers can access it anywhere, anytime and on any platform through any communication device.

8. Software & Application Development

Whether you have an idea you want to validate, a software product you need to build, or an existing product that needs optimization, our teams are trained to jump in wherever needed.

Around the globe, process/manufacturing industries face three key challenges to win a dynamic business environment:

> Agility: Making quick and informed decisions in a complex, fast-paced, competitive business environment, and understanding cost/value implications across the value chain

> Enhancement: Adopting forward-thinking solutions in engineering concepts, technologies and business systems to be on the cutting edge and create more value for customers

> Profitability: Maximizing customer opportunity across the relationship life cycle with offerings needed to gain repeat business, wallet share, and stability

Our focus include:

> Design, deploy, and maintain cross-functional processes and systems for product life cycle management, telecoms network operations, and manufacturing automation using best-of-breed approaches, mixing commercial software with custom integration.

> Specialized engineering capabilities as shared services cutting across industries, bringing a wealth of experience and technical expertise, which was hitherto not accessible to our clients.